Available lectures and events include but are not limited to:

Segmented Wood Turning:

Exploring the art of segmented wood turning is a fascinating adventure. Ring and stave construction are explored along with some of the basics of lathe safety.

Linear Radius Turning:

‘Linear’ or straight material that is turned on a lathe into the round or ‘radius’ is a unique and vibrant form of segmented wood turning, creating different designs and patterns.

 Multi-Generational Concepts and Design:

When applied to both the round and flat woodworking (lathe work or table saw work) the multi-generational method is an endless avenue of artistic expression and home shop fun.

 Shop Design & Development:

Outfitting and developing a home shop is an ongoing and satisfying process. Tips regarding safety, where to spend money on a limited budget, reducing and simplifying difficult tasks and finding affordable material are covered.

 Simple Holiday Gifts You Can Do At Home:

A favorite in the late summer and fall, simple gifts such as unique cutting boards, lazy susans, clocks and serving trays are covered.

How did you do that? :

This lecture is a very unstructured one driven mostly by the questions of the participants. Many samples of work are presented along with the material used to create the design and patterns. Difficult and complex workmanship is explained and made simple so that the participants can find success trying it at home.


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