Laminated Wood Art Made Easy: Symmetrical Multi-Generational Patterns

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This second installment in the LaminatedWood Art series focuses on using a multi-generational process to create unique, symmetrical wood art patterns with intricate designs. This straight forward method involves cutting laminated strips of different wood species at various angles and gluing them back together to develop new, repeated configurations. The designs discussed in this book employ evenly balanced patterns that can be manipulated to form new, more complicated designs. Artistic concepts naturally evolve with each generation. Learn how to build a pair of end table tops, then take these indispensable principles and use your imagination to combine them into new artistic shapes and displays. Friendly instructions and images of different phases of completion result in symmetrical multi-generational patterns using four generations. The author also covers many woodworking basics, such as safety, tools, materials, wood movement, and moisture.

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Laminated Wood Art Made Easy: The Full Stripe Pattern

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$19.95 each (Plus $8.00 Shipping and Handling)

Cutting and laminating, or gluing, wood for artistic effect and unique design has been part of woodworking throughout history. Now it’s your turn to discover the beauty and complexity of “multi-generational” concepts. With today’s improved tool technologies, this fun and surprisingly simple process is sure to become the average woodworking and home shop enthusiast’s new playground.

Nature provides the various wood grains, textures, and vibrant colors. Then, you combine those aspects into forms whose dimensions and variations are limited only by your imagination. Friendly instructions and helpful images break down the full-stripe pattern in three “generations,” beginning with straight stripes, and resulting in kaleidoscopic, multi-contrast designs that will amaze your friends and family. The author covers, in detail, safety, jig design, tools, wood movement and moisture, and other woodworking basics. Using this foundation you can develop the lamination methods provided—and eventually your own—with confidence.

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