Through the years I have struggled to find unique supplies at reasonable prices to assist in ‘out of the box’ woodworking projects. Here are some items purchased in bulk or found at discount prices that can be passed on to other woodworkers with similar interests.

Place an order using the contact to purchase button below and state in the comment section how much of which item you would like and the address where it is to be send. You will receive an email with an attached invoice for the items and shipping. If you find the invoice agreeable, simply send a check or money order for that amount to Wood Art  and the items will be shipped out within 7 days. I am a “bakers dozen” type of person and it is important to me that you are delighted with all your purchases.

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100 tooth, 10 inch Oldham table saw blades at $39.00 each:

_RSE1221A clean, clear crisp cut is all-important in generational design. Often, segments come directly off the table saw to the glue table to be formed into a new design. Cuts free of burn and cut marks help make these complex projects look great. On generational projects I would use a minimum of a tooth per .5 inch of diameter or a 60 tooth blade. The more teeth the cleaner the cut and better the glue-up that comes from it. I found these discounted Oldham 100 tooth blades and have never been disappointed with their ability to preform.

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  Porter Cable, Razor, 10-inch saw blades at $34.00 each:


_RSE1223General purpose, sharp, quality saw blades are hard to come by. As blades go, the Porter Cable Razor is one of the finest all around shop project blades I have found.

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