Veneer is a fun and exciting aspect of the generational theme. We begin with strips of colored veneer one inch by 24 to 36 inch long and before you know it we have a kaleidoscope of generational experimentation. This use of veneer is not a standard use. The standard use is to cover the surface of an material in a horizontal manner. Rather, we use it on the vertical. This veneer is glued between the segments as our lamination process moves forward allowing for thin lines of multiple colors as accents and highlights.  I have had trouble getting the color and type of veneer the way I would like it so I have developed dying methods which turn standard “Paulownia” veneer into a kaleidoscope of generational fun.

In all these pieces you can see the use of veneer highlight.

Our veneer is sold by the inch in 1 inch strips approximately 24 to 36 inches in length.

Colors include but are not limited to those displayed above and bleach white , jet black (also called ebonyX) and natural paulownia.

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